38" Silver Guidance Stanchion with 78" Black Retractable Belt (Set of 2) , KYGS-GS3878S

Item Code: KYGS-GS3878S

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Easily regulate foot traffic for your business or event with 38" Guidance Stanchion in either black or silver steel. The retractable 78" polyester belt has a safety hook created to prevent sudden or accidental belt releases. These flexible hooks grip on to the cassette with ease making it quick to assemble and no tools required! Its unique design allows for up to 14 hooks to connect on a single stanchion! The Guidance Stanchions are the ideal line management solution and crowd barrier protection.

• Connect belt at any angle
• Safety hook prevents accidental belt release
• Easy to assemble; no tools necessary
• Connect up to 14 hooks to a single stanchion